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April 16, 2015

April 9, 2015


Athletic Conditioning

In today's sports, it takes more than running and weight training to muscle ones way to the top. Larissa Liska reports how some athletes combine strength and flexibility to be one with the mind and body.

Tyler Grant Denied Access

One UT student was not allowed in a fast food restaurant because of what they were wearing.  Larissa Liska reports how this studen'ts style is spreading awareness of gender identities.

UT Rodeo

With so many organizations at UT, rodeo is hard to keep as a club sport. In 2013, UT rodeo members teamed up to resurrect from the ashes an organization that has been off and on since 1957

Texas Concealed Handguns

After recent gun shootings, fatalities, and injuries many citizens are searching for ways to stay safe. Larissa Liska reports on the increase of concealed handgun usage.

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